Introduction to Biblical Studies: This course provides an overview of the foundational principles and methods of biblical interpretation, including textual analysis, historical context, and literary genres.


**Course Title:** Advanced Introduction to Biblical Studies

**Course Duration:** 8 Weeks

**Weekly Schedule:** 2 hours/week

Note: This is a general outline of the progression of the coure material. It is subject to change based on factors such as student needs.

**Week 1 – Foundations of Biblical Interpretation (2 hours)**

– **Hour 1:** Introduction to biblical hermeneutics: Historical evolution and key principles.

– **Hour 2:** Early church exegesis vs. modern hermeneutical approaches: A comparative study.

**Homework:** Read selected chapters from *How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth* by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart.

**Week 2 – Delving into Textual Analysis (2 hours)**

– **Hour 1:** Introduction to biblical languages: Exploring Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek.

– **Hour 2:** Techniques for analyzing biblical texts: Syntax, semantics, and lexical studies.

**Homework:** Analyze a selected biblical passage using principles learned during the session.

**Week 3 – Historical Contextualization: Part 1 (2 hours)**

– **Hour 1:** The Old Testament era: Major historical, cultural, and religious influences.

– **Hour 2:** The intertestamental period: Key events and socio-political changes.

**Homework:** Read selected articles on the cultural and religious landscape of ancient Israel.

**Week 4 – Historical Contextualization: Part 2 (2 hours)**

– **Hour 1:** The New Testament era: The Roman Empire, Jewish sects, and early Christianity.

– **Hour 2:** The influence of external cultures on biblical writings: Hellenistic and Persian influences.

**Homework:** Write a brief essay comparing the historical contexts of Old and New Testaments.

**Week 5 – Biblical Literary Genres: Part 1 (2 hours)**

– **Hour 1:** Understanding wisdom literature, law codes, and historical narratives.

– **Hour 2:** The art of prophetic and apocalyptic writings.

**Homework:** Identify and discuss the genre of a given biblical passage.

**Week 6 – Biblical Literary Genres: Part 2 (2 hours)**

– **Hour 1:** Delving into the parables, epistles, and Gospel narratives.

– **Hour 2:** Modern literary approaches to biblical genres.

**Homework:** Read selected chapters from *The Art of Biblical Narrative* by Robert Alter.

**Week 7 – Modern Approaches to Biblical Studies (2 hours)**

– **Hour 1:** Introduction to contemporary methodologies: Narrative criticism, structuralism, and sociological readings.

– **Hour 2:** Feminist hermeneutics, liberation theology, and postcolonial readings of the Bible.

**Homework:** Choose a modern approach and apply it to a biblical text of choice, preparing a brief presentation.

**Week 8 – Review and Future of Biblical Studies (2 hours)**

– **Hour 1:** Recap of the course, open discussion, and clarification on core topics.

– **Hour 2:** Exploring the future trajectory of biblical studies: emerging methodologies and interdisciplinary studies.

**Homework:** Finalize research papers and submit by the end of the following week.

Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to engage in discussions, collaborate on group projects, and participate in Q&A sessions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered. Each week’s homework is designed to reinforce and build upon the lessons from the sessions.